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Working with JST

People seek financial planning and advice for many different reasons. Some are looking for help with retirement planning or specific future financial goals; others experience life changes or market changes that they’re not sure how to plan for or adapt to. Everyone wants to make sure they make informed financial decisions throughout their lives. Does this describe you?

You value financial advice and long-term investment planning

If you’re committed to working toward your long-term financial goals and if you could use some guidance, we can help. The level of financial advice you receive depends on your needs and preferences. Do you enjoy handling your finances yourself but could use a second opinion or more information? Would you rather turn over most financial matters to an advisor? Are you somewhere in the middle? No matter your personal financial style, we can help you make sound financial decisions throughout your lifetime.

You could use help with all your financial needs — beyond investing

While investing is an important part of any financial strategy, there are many other factors to consider in order to reach your goals. We listen closely and take the time to understand your complete financial picture — your cash and liabilities, protection, investments, taxes, and legacy. From there, we can help show you how to save, spend and invest more effectively while protecting what’s important.

You want to bridge the gap between today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals

If the path from where you are to where you want to be seems hard to imagine, JST will be able to help. We understand that most people have multiple, and sometimes conflicting financial priorities. We are experienced in addressing a broad range of financial needs. So, wherever you are in life, we can provide the financial planning and advice to help you get to where you want to go.

Listen to Jeff Tilson’s Long Beach Impact Podcast here:

In this episode we talk about:

  • People’s attitudes about bull and bear markets
  • Rational and irrational decisions people make
  • How to Plan for a Downpayment
  • And much more!

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