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Do You Need Fixed-Income Assets in Your Portfolio?

Unappealing or too conservative for you? Think again. They have their place. When stocks soar, fixed-income investments have comparatively little allure. Investors hungry for double-digit returns may regard them as bland, vanilla securities saddled with an opportunity cost, geared to risk-averse retirees who are “playing not to lose.” An investment earning a consistent rate of…

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When Interest Rates Rise, What Happens to Bonds?

Investors in longer-term Treasuries could really be punished. Will bond investors soon suffer major losses? In the last few years, Bill Gross, Jim Rogers and other pundits have warned of a bond bubble. While it has yet to occur – the broad bond market yielded an annualized 4.42% from 2010-2014 – the threat remains.1,2 Quality…

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Long-Term Investment Truths

You learn lessons as you invest in pursuit of long-run goals. Some of these lessons are conveyed and reinforced when you begin saving for retirement, and others you glean along the way. First & foremost, you learn to shut out much of the “noise.” News outlets take the temperature of global markets five days a…

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