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Financial Confidence Worksheet
Cash and Liabilities
1 Do you have enough cash to survive a job loss, or other unexpected financial emergency so you can avoid tapping into your retirement or other long-term savings? Yes No
2 Do you have sufficient credit available to through a tough emergency? Yes No
3 Have you consolidated short-term debt, such as car loans and high interest rate credit cards, so you can maximize the cashyou save for your financial goals? Yes No
4 Are you on track to pay off your mortgage at or before retirement? Yes No
5 Would your family be able to pay day-to-day living expenses if something happened to you or your income? Yes No
6 Would your family be able to cover education expenses, retirement or other major long-term financial goals without your income? Yes No
7 Have you saved enough to cover your unexpected health care expenses now and in retirement? Yes No
8 Have you recently reviewed your homeowners, auto, and other insurance coverage to make sure you can effectively cover all your valuables at an efficient cost? Yes No
9 Have you developed an estate plan, including beneficiary designations, to make sure your wishes are carried out and your legacy is secure? Yes No
10 Are you investing now to potentially reduce the taxes you'll pay when you begin taking money out in retirement? Yes No
11 Have you considered converting to a ROTH IRA to balance you tax liabilities in retirement? Yes No
12 Will your heirs have enough money to pay estate and income taxes at your death? Yes No
13 Do you know how long you can expect to live in retirement, how much you'll need to save to last you through retirement, and how to align your investing strategies to reach your goals and make your savings last through retirement? Yes No
14 Will you have enough guaranteed income in retirement to cover your fixed expenses? Yes No
15 Are you confident that your investment strategy can withstand market fluctuations, keep up with inflation and still keep you on track to reach your financial goals? Yes No
16 Do all of your accounts work together so they align with your investment strategies and minimize the fees and taxes you pay? Yes No
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