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Financial Planning

A sound financial plan is much like a well-constructed home. It uses building blocks that provide support as you pursue your financial goals. Each building block – from cash flow to estate planning – will be prioritized and a serve as a vital component to achieving your goals. If you have $500,000 or more to invest, financial planning is included as part of our Active Investment Management solution. Otherwise, depending on scope, planning services are priced as a project based fee or at an hourly rate. Key items we will look at:

  • Cash Flow – Analyze your existing cash flow and financial position. In this component your we will summarize and assess your income and expenses, key budgeting issues and your cash reserves for emergencies or other opportunities.
  • Risk Management – Identify potential risks – loss of health, property, income or life – and develop strategies to protect against each risk.
  • Accumulation/Investment – Invest for specific accumulation goals, such as education or home purchase. In this component your we will develop investment strategies based on your time frame and risk tolerance and recommend asset allocation.
  • Income Tax – Identify appropriate tax-savings strategies available for your specific situation.
  • Retirement – Evaluate your retirement needs and develop strategies for the accumulation and distribution phases of your life.
  • Estate Planning – Plan for your estate planning and wealth preservation needs, including strategies to ensure that your wealth is preserved and passed efficiently and cost-effectively to the people or organizations you wish, at the time and in the manner you want. If needed, additional elements in this process can include wealth forecasting, business planning and succession planning.

~Financial Lesson~

Your Mindset is the Key to Financial Health

What does the word “money” bring to mind? Are the associations positive or negative?

Beliefs about money are complicated. It’s a symbol of one’s self: respect, love, freedom, control, power, worth, and much more (depending on the person).

Having a healthy relationship with money and using it to create success require you to understand the beliefs and internal scripts driving your behavior. Trying to build strong financial habits without the right mindset is like driving down the highway with your emergency brake on.

“As a financial professional, I think about wealth in terms of the opportunities it offers and as a tool for good. But, I’ve realized that everyone who walks in my office doesn’t view money the same way. For some people, money is uncomfortable and something they’d rather not think about. Others tie wealth to their definitions of success and self-worth.”

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