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Are You Fully Covered?

Take a moment to see if you are adequately protected. Not all home insurance policies are alike. Coverage amounts obviously vary, and so do coverage areas. Taking ten minutes to scrutinize what your policy does (and does not) cover is a wise idea. Tricia London with Alandale Insurance Co. in Los Alamitos states, “Insurance companies…

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Financial Empowerment

Too few Americans understand personal finance fundamentals. literacy If only money came with instructions. If it did, the route toward wealth would be clear and direct. Unfortunately, many people have inadequate financial knowledge, and for them, the path is more obscure. Are most people clueless about financial matters? That depends on what gauge you want…

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Robo-Advisors vs. Human Advisors

If an investor chooses a non-human financial advisor, what price could they end up paying? Investors have a choice today that they did not have a decade ago. They can seek investing and retirement planning guidance from a human financial advisor or put their invested assets in the hands of a robo-advisor – a software…

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You Have Unclaimed Cash!


How can you find & obtain it?   More than $40 billion in unclaimed cash & property waits to be returned. At first glance, that figure seems staggering, unbelievable – and, yet, it is true. To be more exact, the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administration (NAUPA), a coalition of state unclaimed property programs, puts the…

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Are Your Children Financially Literate?

New Approaches to a Changing Problem. How bad is financial illiteracy today? So bad that your children may be at risk of making some serious financial mistakes. Some are finding that talking to children about finances has become less about the nuts and bolts of money and more about putting money’s importance to our daily…

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